In Service to All – Veterans Day 2017

Today, regardless of our political differences, we thank and salute those who bravely did their part to protect our great nation. Like our Senior Editor/Account Supervisor, Jeff Bray. He has inspired us with his thoughts on Veterans Day and how best to honor those who are serving/ have served our country. We hope his words will inspire you, too.

I’m tired of hearing how we need to Make America Great Again. It was never NOT Great, thanks to the military men and women who served…and died…in defense of the freedoms we all enjoy today.

I cringe when people tell me America isn’t Great. Especially if they never served themselves. As for our military veterans – those who did serve our contry, America will recognize their service on November 10th (the observed holiday) and November 11th (the actual Veterans Day). Three-hundred-sixty-three days short of what they deserve, in my book.

It’s not why they did it, but those who heard our nation’s call, and answered, deserve recognition every day of the year. For those who couldn’t serve or studiously avoided the call to service, I feel sorrow. They missed an important learning experience that taught us what it means to be an American. It’s impossible to fully understand unless you lived it.

Last year, I visited the graves of several veterans, among them John Cryer, Staff Sergeant Frank Masselli and Clarence Boyd. They saw something that needed doing, and did it. Quietly. With little to no fanfare. They fought for the freedom that lets me write this…and you to read it.

I’ll be back again this year. I encourage everyone to do likewise…though that’s not the only thing you can do. From personal experience, I can tell you a simple “Thank You” goes a long way toward easing the stigma of war. “Thank You,” not just on Veterans Day, but every day.

To my brothers in arms I say, “Thank you for your service” … “Welcome home” …and, “Thank You for Keeping America Great” – today … and every day.

To learn how you can get involved and support our veterans, visit

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